29 May 2024

'Air sports for a peaceful world' FAI Young Artists Contest Winners 2024

(Header image: Madoka Nishizawa, Japan)

Doves, hearts and flags of all nations entwine with parachutes, hot air balloons and gliders to represent ‘air sports for a peaceful world’, the theme of the 2024 FAI Young Artists Contest.

By Yicheng Huang, China

Top artists in all three age categories have once again wowed judges with their colourful and animated interpretations, which show love, respect, and unity in the skies. Winners will be awarded FAI gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas and all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Jihyeon Han has been awarded the top prize in the senior category, which represents a great achievement, as Jihyeon also came first in the 2023 contest, in the intermediate category.

Jihyeon Han's winning artwork for the 2024 Young Artists Contest

FAI Members submitted 94 artworks from young people who had been inspired to get creative with their pens, pencils and paints. The FAI Secretariat in Lausanne received entries from China, France, India, Latvia, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Thailand, USA and Qatar, these latter via affiliates of Shafallah Centre for Persons with Disabilities, whose participants came from Pakistan, Egypt, Oman and Syria.

By Nandini Agrawal, India

2024 FAI Young Artists Contest Winners

Group I - Junior Category (Ages 6-9)

  1. Qihang Gong (CHN)
  2. Eric Shen (USA)
  3. Aharshi Majumdar (IND)

Group II - Intermediate Category (Ages 10-13)

  1. Rey Teshigawara (JPN)
  2. Yicheng Huang (CHN)
  3. Iris Xie (USA)

Group III - Senior Category (Ages 14-17)

  1. Jihyeon Han (USA)
  2. Madoka Nishizawa (JPN)
  3. Nandini Agrawal (IND)

The intention of the 2024 theme was to encourage artists to consider the potential for air sports to bring people together, promoting positive relationships that cross borders and contribute to a better, more peaceful world. Sports - air sports included - help people to learn universal values such as solidarity and fair play which extend far beyond the boundaries of a football pitch, ice rink, gymnasium or airfield.

The artists each created their own vision of harmony and unity in response to the theme, evidencing a clear understanding of this hopeful message and demonstrating astonishing technical skill in putting their ideas on paper. 

The FAI warmly congratulates the artists and thanks the FAI members who launched their national competitions for 2024. The theme for the FAI Young Artists Contest 2025 will soon be announced.

By Aharshi Majumdar, India