31 Oct 2019

Bids For 2022 Championships: Deadline Approaching!

In just one month, on December 1, CIVL will stop accepting bids for the 2022 Continental and World Championships. 

Not all continents are concerned as the World Air Games (WAG) will take part in Turkey and include the European Championships for Hang Gliding Class 1, Paragliding XC and Accuracy, as well as the World Paragliding Aerobatic. So we look forward to the bids on:

  • Asian or Asian-Oceanic PG XC and Accuracy
  • Pan-American PG XC and Accuracy
  • Asian or Asian-Oceanic and Pan-American Hang-Gliding Class 1
  • World Hang-Gliding in Class 1 Women, Sport, Class 2 and 5.

Please, note that these championships must take place as far as appropriate from the WAG dates, which will be held September 2 to 17th. Thirty pilots from non-European countries will also represent the 15 top non-European nations in the hang-gliding and paragliding events of the WAG.