09 Mar 2023

Bill Hughes is the new CIVL President

CIVL Plenary 2023 has unanimously elected Bill Hughes (USA) as the new President of CIVL.

Bill has been paragliding for over 20 years and competing for over 10. Previously being the Chair of CIVL Paragliding XC Committee he is currently the President and the co-chair of the competition committee for the USA Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, as well as the Secretary General of the PWCA. Prior to paragliding, Bill was an avid whitewater kayaker and bicyclist. Professionally, he has been a software developer and COO of several software companies. Bill lives east of Seattle, WA, USA.

We have asked Bill what sees as a priority to look into as the new CIVL president. He replied "A few of the things we'll be focused on include: the full rollout of the new Airscore scoring system, improved communications with pilots and NACs, growth of Cat 2 and ways to incorporate smaller competitions, making life easier for organizers, rules regarding ballast and harnesses in PG, and much more. There are always ways that things can improve. Besides work, I will continue to compete as I love competitions, and it helps keep me close to the pilots and organizers so I can see and discuss the challenges and opportunities directly."