26 Sep 2018

CIVL Plenary 2019

CIVL Plenary Meeting 2019 will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland from January 31 till February 03, 2019.

If you want to make changes to Section 7 of the FAI Sporting code, please prepare a formal Proposal.

A Proposal shall include:

  • Your explanation of the problem and justification of the proposed solution,
  • Quotation of the old wording from Section 7 (if any) with paragraph number.
  • The new version of the wording to be put to Section 7 with the paragraph number.

The deadline for Proposals to the Plenary is December 3, 2018. After that, it will be submitted for consideration to the appropriate commission.


Deadline for Category 1 events bids for 2021 is December 1, 2018.

Currently, bidding is open for:

  • 2021 - World PG XC.
  • 2021 - World PG Accuracy.
  • 2021 - World HG XC Class 1.

Please use the new bid format. Download here: https://www.fai.org/document-compression/24747 

An electronic copy of the proposal and/or bid must be sent by email to the CIVL President (civl-president@fai.org) and to the CIVL Administrator (civl-administrator@fai.org) before the deadline.