03 Feb 2020

CIVL Plenary 2020 took place in Lausanne

The CIVL Plenary was held on February 1 and 2, 2020, preceded by two days for Bureau and Open meetings. Delegates of 22 countries studied the 53 annexes of the agenda, discussed difficult topics and proposed solutions. Such important questions as minimum requirements for Cat 2 competitions, unsporting behaviour, software development, scoring formula cleanup, education and seminars, development of sport in Asia, records, safety issues and future Worlds and Continental championships were studied. Some proposals were amended or withdrawn.

The plenary carefully studied the consequences of the cancellation of WAG 2022. It decided to open the bids for the 2022 Continental Championships (PG, PGA and HG Class 1) and World Championships (PG Aerobatics, HG Class 2, 5, Sport, Women).

Minutes of the plenary will be published soon.