10 Apr 2006

Class 2 World Championships 2006 In Doubt

It looks as if the Class 2 (Swift) World Championship 2006 will not be valid as there are too few entries. However there is a chance that other pilots may be able to validate it. Read how. There have to be at least 8 pilots from 4 countries to make it valid. At the moment there are 6 pilots from 4 countries.If 2 Class 5 pilots (rigid wings) from nations that already have their full number of team pilots (Germany and USA) nominate extra pilots to compete in Class 2 they could validate the Class 2 World Championship. They will not fly the same task as C5, they will have different start times to C5 and will not be ranked in the C5 WPRS. It will be a shame if the class is not valid, but it is a problem with so few competing Swift pilots. Please contact the Flytec organisers or Paula Howitt if you may be interested.