11 Dec 2019

HG Worlds 2020 Florida USA: Local rules are approved, Registration is on going

2nd FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Sport Class, 14th FAI Women’s World Hang Gliding Championships, 9th FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Class 5, and 21st FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Class 2 will be held in Groveland, Florida, USA, from Sunday, April 19th till Friday, May 1st, 2020.

Local regulations have been approved by CIVL Bureau and published on fai.org.

Link to rules here.

Pilots do not need to be members of their national teams but have to be approved by their federation or NAC.
Federation or NAC must review the eligibility of their pilots before approving them.

Class Sport: Pilots

Must not have finished in the top 2/3rd's of a non-Sport Class Category 1 competition held since January 2014. Are required to have at least 1 WPRS point in the last 36 months (earliest date in January 1, 2017). Must have flown in competition with at least 10 pilots (including all classes).

Currently, we have 67 pilots registered. 

  • 51 - Sport Class pilots
  • 8 - women pilots from four countries flying in the 14th Women's Championship
  • 4 - USA pilot signed up in the Swift Class
  • 4 - ATOS pilots signed up for Class 5.


Pilots should register ASAP for the Worlds. The allocation for the spots in the competitions begins January 20th, 2020.

Registration website: https://airtribune.com/2020-world-championships/info