08 Oct 2018

Minutes of CIVL Bureau Meeting 2018 is published on FAI website

Minutes of the CIVL Bureau Meeting held in Kranj, Slovenia, are published on FAI website. During 4 days of work, the Bureau has discussed the issues arisen within the current year and made a preliminary evaluation of what needs to be done.

Present Bureau members: Andy Cowley, Goran Dimiskovski, Igor Erzen, Stephane Malbos, Zeljko Ovuka, Jamie Shelden, Mitch Shipley.

Invited: Elena Filonova – CIVL Administrator, Riikka Vilkuna – Chair of PGA Committee, Jun Zhang – Chief Judge of Cat 1 PGA competitions.

The experience of 2018 Category 1 competitions in many matters will shape proposals that are to be voted during CIVL Plenary 2019. The work on CIVL Accepted instruments list was highly esteemed with a warm acknowledgement to the working group. The Live tracking scheme was also considered successful. The PG XC module of SeeYou scoring software is ready and the Bureau invited 4 reckoned scorers to be testers and conduct the final checkup. 

FAI and CIVL Software projects are under development. The sporting licences database is going through a thorough cleanup. Some future development is planned in the field of WPRS, incident reports and event management. The project of the Online Category 2 application system for Cat 2 events is ongoing – the first prototype is created and tested.

The Bureau also addressed a number of issues specific to each discipline. It reviewed new bids for Category 1 events in the USA (hang gliding) and Kazhakstan (Accuracy). It finally discussed the coming World Air Games, how to encourage XC in Asia... and a few more things!

This was the longest and most attended Bureau meeting ever. We liked it this way, as it allowed us to discuss all issues to the chore. Now, all we have to do is... more work, so this was not just idle talk.

See you soon in Lausanne for our Plenary!

Stephane Malbos, CIVL President


Full text of the Minutes can be found by this link.