20 Mar 2000

Paragliding Team Size

In recent years, the number of teams and subsequently pilots at Paragliding Category 1 Championships has increased considerably (from 125 pilots in 1993 to 230 in 1999). In some cases the large number of pilots coupled with the wide range of pilot skills has compromised safety. At the recent CIVL Plenary meeting, lengthy discussions were held in order to provide a solution to the problem. Firstly, to address the problem of overcrowding, it was voted that there should be a maximum number of 150 pilots at a Paragliding Category 1 Championship. This led to the issue of how to allocate those places, given that all FAI member countries have the right to send a team to a Category 1 Championships. After much discussion the solution aproved by CIVL delegates is that the World Pilot Ranking Scheme (WPRS) will be used to rank nations and a nations team size will depend of their WPRS ranking. This will come into effect from 1 Jan 2001. Full details can be found at http://www.fai.org/paragliding/rankings/index.asp#nations. All those with an interest in team size at Paragliding Category 1 Championships should familiarise themselves with the team size information. Any questions should be sent to Paula Howitt. The issue of how to score teams is being addressed by the WPRS working group. Any constructive suggestions should be sent to Paula Howitt.