03 Oct 2019

Paragliding World Cup Asian Tour in Gochang, South Korea October 4 -11, 2019

This year sees the launch of the new Asian Tour. Each event has the same status as a Pre World Cup, as the winner will automatically qualify for the Super Final. Apart from giving pilots the opportunity to discover fantastic untried locations, the idea is to train new organisers and bring the Paragliding World Cup concept to Asia. 
Some of the World’s finest pilots will be taking to the skies, enjoying the rich autumn colours in South Korea from the 4th of October onwards including Petra Slivova, Torsten Siegel, Jungman Choi, Idris Birch, Yongtae Ahn, Chigwon Won, Harry Buntz and the inimitable, Gin Seok Song.
South Korea is well known for its artistic cuisine, mostly unrecognisable to westerners, but impossible not to fall in love with, punctuated with a bowl Kimchi at the end of every chopstick. South Korea is a must-visit location for any World traveller.
Come and join us above the forested mountains of Gochang, in the south-west corner of South Korea, via the Flymaster live tracking on http://pwca.org/asia. Philippe Broers will also be posting videos of the event.
For those who can’t make this event, a Paragliding World Cup will take place in Gochang in October 2020.

Info by Ruth Jessop