15 Aug 2019

PG Worlds 2019 is entering the most challenging phase.

After 7 successful tasks in good conditions, the 16th FAI World Paragliding Championship is entering a challenging weather period. At the briefing of task 8, the organisers delayed the time announcement due to an unclear situation with an overcast sky that was slow to open. Unfavourable wind and potential overdevelopment close to the end of the day still threaten the task accomplishment. We expect improvement in the next days, but if flown and valid today's task may significantly change the classification almost as previous task 7 when was flown in good but trickly conditions that made the whole first gaggle land short of ESS.

The leaders in overall, for now, Joachim Oberhauser (ITA), Gleb Sukhotskiy (RUS), Ulrich PRINZ (GER). Best female pilots Meryl DELFERRIERE (FRA), Yael MARGELISCH (SUI) and Kari ELLIS (AUS). Leading Nations - France, Japan and Spain.

The official event website http://pgworlds2019.mk/ and social feed https://www.facebook.com/worldspg2019/

We also post photo reportages on CIVL Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fai.civl/