12th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship


20 Oct
28 Oct 2023
12 Feb 2021

PGA Worlds 2023 go to Sopot Bulgaria

CIVL Plenary has awarded Sopot (Bulgaria) the right to host 12-th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in 2023. The event will be organized by Sports Club Shambhala with the support of Bulgarian National Aeroclub, Sopot Municipality and the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Dates of the Championship are 20 – 28 October 2023, with test event on 27 - 30 October 2022.

Sopot is a well-known free-flight destination. Since 1980 town of Sopot host many National and International hang gliding and paragliding events. Sports club Shambhala has been organizer and co-organizer of numerous successful FAI competitions, including:
- XIII FAI World Paragliding Championship 2013, Category 1 event
- Paragliding World Cup 2005, 2008 and 2018
- Paragliding Accuracy World Cup 2015
- Bulgarian Open Paragliding Accuracy Championships 2019, 2020

Local Organizing Team has a great experience:

- Organisation Director: Havazh Mithiunin - the organizer of XIII FAI World Paragliding Championship 2013, Paragliding World Cup 2005, 2008 and 2018, more than 20 International competitions since 2003.
- Meet Director: Valery Tzvetanov  - Participant and organizer of various Paragliding competitions (XC and Accuracy) since 1998. Paragliding instructor and Tandem pilot in Sopot for 20 years.
- Safety Director: Hristo Slivkov - XIII FAI World Paragliding Championship 2013, Paragliding World Cup 2005, 2008 and 2018, more than 20 International competitions since 2003. Professional, qualified mountain rescue instructor.
- Chief Launch Marshal: Veselin Jivkov - PGAWC Pernik 2009 and 2011, PGAEC Pernik 2018, more than 20 International competitions since 2002.
- Chief Target Marshal: Tzvetan Tzvetanov - PGAWC Pernik 2009 and 2011, PGWAC Sopot 2015, Skydiving and Paragliding Accuracy Judge for more than 30 years.
- Meteorologist: Ivelin Kalushkov - Paragliding World Cup 2018, PGWAC Sopot 2015, International competitions, Professional Paragliding Instructor and Glider pilot.
- HQ Coordinator: Alexandra Emilova - PWC Sopot 2018, Bulgarian Open Paragliding Accuracy, Championship 2018, 2019, 2020, RedBull Acro-Cross 2019
- Scorer: Vladimir Mihaylov -  IT specialist, Scorer of Bulgarian Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019 and 2020

- Adviser Martin Jovanoski - CIVL Paragliding Accuracy Committee Chair.

The main take off site of Sopot is South (including South East and South West). Facing and has amply demonstrated its suitability as a high-level competition venue for up to 150 pilots. It is a big wide grassy slope, without any hazards near. All take-off areas are marked with windsocks, and there is live streaming by web cameras, which allows checking weather conditions any time online. The altitude difference from the landing place is 800 meters. This take-off site is top-rated among the pilots all over the World.

Easy and ecological 20 minutes ride with Chair lift takes pilots to launch site.


Additionally, in case of strong winds, we will use Dabene training hill. It is perfect 80 meters high grassy hill in the middle of the flats that works for any wind direction. Here was held the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in 2015.

The official Landing/Target area is a large grass field next to the Lift Station at a 2,5:1 glide from the launch site. Landing approach is clear from all directions.
There is enough space to land a few gliders simultaneously, as well as plenty of places for packing gliders and rest.
During the competition flights, will be provided live streaming by a local TV channel. Public, media and visitors can arrive by car or public transport. At the bottom lift station, next to the landing field, a car park and a cafeteria with Wi-Fi zone are situated. Toilets, showers, drinking water and the social area will be at the competitors and teams staff disposal.

The presented Bid provided enough information to assure that we will have an excellent event.

Congratrulations to Bulgaria!