20 Dec 2018

See You In Lausanne! 

The CIVL Plenary Meeting 2019 will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland from January 31 till February 3, 2019. The programme and agenda can be found here.

Hats off to the 67 volunteers who worked year-long on CIVL and FAI projects, exchanging during the last 10 months more than 3000 emails in 230 different discussions! This is CIVL at work! The coming plenary will be the tip of our iceberg, the place to validate proposals and define our strategies.

It’s been a busy year again. You will find here and now (or maybe in a few days)

  • The CIVL President report to you and to the FAI 2018 General Conference (annexe 6)
  • The Bureau activity report and decisions (annexe 7)
  • Reports on our championships and test events (annexe 11)
  • Reports from our Committees and Officers (annexes 13 to 22)

Our actions to move CIVL forward can be evaluated in the Bureau’s, Committees’ and Officers’ proposals (annexes 23 to 32). 

There are also proposals from NACs, bids from championships and nominations for award (annexes 33 to 36).

We will be busy! So please take the time to go carefully through everything before the Plenary, do your homework, come prepared and we will be productive.

Let’s move forward! See you in Lausanne!