24 Jun 2019

Winners of Pre-Asian 2020 test event

Test Event of 4th FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championship held in Ekpendi, Taldykorgan resulted in full 12 rounds. The Kazakhstan heat and thermal conditions made for an exciting event until the very end.

Overall winners:
  1. Jefro Megawanto’s (IND) even level of flying placed him first with 58 cm
  2. Kim Ki Hyeon (KOR) with 62 cm
  3. Vlastimil Vachtl (CZE) with 75 cm.
Team competition results
  1. Thailand
  2. Kazakhstan 1
  3. Indonesia.
  1. Nunapat Phuchong (THA)
  2. Marketa Tomaskova (CZE)
  3. Gita Rezky (IND).

The organisation deserves the warmest congratulations for a good test-event! 

Results website: www.algaclub.kz