24 Jun 2019

ZERO ZERO ZERO at PreAsian 2020 in Kazakhstan

After two competition days, the Pre-Asian Championship 2019 in Kazakhstan is about to finish its 5th round. It was a tricky thermic and unstable day yesterday, dust devils happened around during noon time. However, pilots maintained a high level of performance by their magic accuracy landing skills, which led several “ZERO ZERO ZERO” during the day.

So Far (Now the 9th round) the following pilots made Zeros:

  • Vlastimil Vachtl (Czech) 
  • Katlov Victor (KAZ)
  • Chingpong Sarayut (THA)
  • Fanol Shala (Kosovo)
  • Pizzalunga Pascal (FRA)

Judges and seminar trainees worked hard and happy in the target area. They enjoyed the competition together with the pilots.

A Storm passed by with a distance about 30km to the north, which caused a gust in the late afternoon. The Meet Director consequently announced to end the day according to the weather condition.

Our joy continues…

Results: http://www.algaclub.kz/


On header photo Jafro Megawanto from Indonesia who actually did not fall but made 19 cm of this flight! Amazing!