Nothing challenges the crews’ ability to communicate more!

A bucket full of water is held on a 5 metre rope by the crewman out of site of the pilot, the object is to fly the bucket through a course 185 metres long by 50 metres wide containing 11 gates in total. The gates are 2 metres high by 1 metre wide. The 11 gates are flown consecutively and the pilot should avoid hitting the gates to ensure there are no penalties. The direction the pilot flies through the gates is released the day before the event. The pilot is allowed numerous attempts to pass the gate, should the bucket miss the gate this will incur penalties. After flying all 11 gates, the co-pilot extends the rope attached to the bucket to eleven metres to approach the target table. The aim of the crew is to get the bucket as close to the centre of the table and the timing stops when the rope is released by the co-pilot.

Penalties are incurred for missing or hitting the gates, losing water from the bucket, inaccurate placement on the table and not completing the course in the time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.