FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

F1A Junior Individual Trophy - Challenge Gabriel Robinet


Donated by France

First awarded in 2004, engraved with names of winners of all F1A Junior events.

Story of the trophy by Pierre Chaussebourg, French Delegate and ClAM Bureau member from 1975 to 2005:

"When I was a young kid, at the end of the 1st World war, I spent hours dreaming in front of this airplane.

"Much later, after I became an aeromodeller, a private pilot a soaring instructor, I discovered a magazine from March-April 1937 where there is a photo of this Trophy... offered at a competition in Dieppe (Normandie). My father confirmed that this airplane had been given to him by refugees from Normandie that he helped to escape from the France occupied area in 1942 or 43...

"Gabriel ROBINET was a military pilot. He got the military pilot licence N0 15 082 on 10 August 1918, FAI licence N0 14700 dated l0 February 1919. He died in an accident with his aircraft on 20 February 1919 near Thionville, France. He was my uncle, the oldest brother of my mother.

"Both this aircraft and the memory of my uncle made my dream come true. May the winners of this Trophy have as much passion as I got with my love of airsports."

Current status

Box: yes

Condition: good


Current holder (2016) is Mikhail Lomov, RUS

Previous holders

2016: Mikhail Lomov, RUS
2014: Maksym Babenko, UKR
2012: Nikolay Lomov, RUS
2010: Dinnis Sinkiy, RUS
2008: Guy Zach, ISR
2006: Gabriela Domokova, SVK
2004: Niels Wijnhoven, NED
2002: Csaba Nagy, HUN
2000: Pawel Dorsz, POL
1998: Philippe Drapeau, FRA
1996: Horia Selegean, ROM
1994: E Makarishev, RUS
1992: S Breeman, BEL
1990: R Harzberg, ISR
1988: M Van Dijk, NED