FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

F1E Junior World Team - Serbia-France Trophy


Donated by Serbia and France:

The 2011 World Championships for F1E were held at Zlatobor in Serbia. The Junior Team event was won by France and the French team received a trophy from the organiser. There is no FAI perpetual trophy for the F1E World Champion Junior Team and the trophy awarded in Zlatibor was intended as a permanent award to the French Team.

France proposed to donate this trophy to FAI in order to be registered as a perpetual trophy for F1E World Champion Junior Team. Serbia is in agreement with this plan but, since they had permanently gifted the trophy to France, consider that France should make the registration of the trophy.

On the basis of the name suggested by Srdjan Pelagic for that trophy, the trophy should have the following name : Serbian-French F1E Junior Team Trophy.

Current status

Box: yes

Condition: good


Current holder (2015) is Italy

Previous holders

2013: Romania
2011: France
2009: Romania
2007: Romania
2005: Czech Republic
2003: Germany
2001: Romania
1999: Romania
1997: Germany
1995: Slovakia
1993: Germany
1991: Poland