FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

Space multiple team - Pelagic Brothers Trophy


To mark the best overall team performance in the World Championships for Space Models.

Donated in 2014 in recognition of the work of the Pelagic brothers:

Srdjan Pelagic (1942), electronics engineer, Novi Sad (Serbia):

  • NAC SRB delegate or alt.del. from 1976
  • CIAM SM SC Chairman from 1997
  • FAI SM Judge from 1974
  • Many years SM Scale Judge in WChs
  • FAI Jury member 33 times - 21 time Jury President
  • Member of YUG SM second NAC team in 1967
  • Member of Steering Board of NAC YUG 1993 to 2005
  • President of the Aeroclub of SRB 1999 to 2005
  • Author of two books and about 200 articles on SM

Miodrag Pelagic (1949), professional pilot - flight instructor, Dlzin - Prievidza (Slovakia).

  • Member of the 1st ever YUG NAC SM team in 1966
  • First designed models in class S9 - Gyrocopters in 1974
  • Designer of nonmetalic experimental rockets in 1974
  • General aviation flight instructor for 28 years
  • NAC SVK SM team coach from 2010 to 2013
  • Holder of two NAC YUG SM records in 1975

Both participated in the first WSMCh 1972 in Vrsac (YUG), in many other WSMChs later and shall be the officials in WSMCh 2014 in Bulgaria - Srdjan, as the Jury President and Miodrag, as the Chief of the Scale Models dimension measuring team.

Current status

Box: yes

Condition: good


Current holder (2014) is Bulgaria